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jem-sie aslaveobeyss this and then lead to the bath?

Your sorority sister called and said she would be in town and wanted to get together for lunch and an afternoon of drinking margaritas.

You’ve always been straight but, in college, you used to fantasize about having sex with this girl. You heard she was bisexual and while you weren’t really sure what that meant back then, you’ve since spent many a nice hour masturbating thinking about her.

Lunch was pleasant, the drinks were great, and you’d almost completely forgotten about your fantasies about her.

You went to the bathroom and, when you came out, she was standing there in the hallway. You noticed how hard her nipples were through the little crop top she wore. You had stopped breathing as she leaned in and touched her lips to yours for the first time.

Before you knew it she had your pants off, bent over, and was fingering your pussy while she licked your ass.

You spent the entire weekend in bed together. It wasn’t until months later that you found out Sir had arranged this. He found her on FaceBook, struck up a conversation, told her of your fantasies, and found out she’d fantasized about you too.

Now, you definitely know what bisexual is.

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That stretch

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